How to Pick an Archaeological Field School

Picking a field school can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, especially an underclassman new to the world of archaeology or travel. Here is a guide, with simple tips, recommendations and tools to make sure your first field school experience makes for the summer of a lifetime. Choose you Area of Study       […]

Wild Azalea Photo Gallery

It had been raining all week up in Kisatchie Nation Forrest. I had been obsessively checking the weather app on my phone and pushing my backpacking trip back a day, then back a day, then back another two days.  My rucksack was pack and waiting by the door for days as I grew panicked that […]

Wild Azalea Trail Packing List and Gear Guide

After I decided I was going on a two-night solo backpacking trip through the Wild Azalea trail, I knew I had a problem. All of my gear was in New Mexico, and I was going to have to buy almost everything except a backpack and boots brand new. While this was going to be more […]


  I promise to: Never act like travel is achievable for everyone if they just put their mind to it. It’s a privilege, and we all have different financial situations, responsibilities, physical abilities etc. Never say “I’m a traveler, not a tourist” or anything of the sort. Gag. Acknowledge that there are places that are […]