The Crackhead Games, a Poem

If you’re new here, you may want to follow me on Facebook to keep up with new posts and pictures. Thanks for visiting!The Crackhead Games It’s called “How Far Can You Throw a Crackhead” Answer: It’s far   The competitions don’t last long People constantly complain They are destroying our neighborhood Our integrity Corrupting our […]

Wild Azalea Photo Gallery

It had been raining all week up in Kisatchie Nation Forrest. I had been obsessively checking the weather app on my phone and pushing my backpacking trip back a day, then back a day, then back another two days.  My rucksack was pack and waiting by the door for days as I grew panicked that […]

Wild Azalea Trail Packing List and Gear Guide

After I decided I was going on a two-night solo backpacking trip through the Wild Azalea trail, I knew I had a problem. All of my gear was in New Mexico, and I was going to have to buy almost everything except a backpack and boots brand new. While this was going to be more […]


  I promise to: Never act like travel is achievable for everyone if they just put their mind to it. It’s a privilege, and we all have different financial situations, responsibilities, physical abilities etc. Never say “I’m a traveler, not a tourist” or anything of the sort. Gag. Acknowledge that there are places that are […]